A Documentary Series

Red America vs. Blue America: Can the Culture Wars Be Resolved? In the 1860s, America was divided, blue against grey, north against south, over the most fundamental issues of liberty and free government. Today, the country is again divided, but this time, it’s red against blue, the coastland vs. the heartland. And the battlefield is much bigger, covering cultural issues that are at the heart of America’s identity, and what we will become.

“The Culture Wars” is a 10-part series of documentaries that explores current issues of culture that divide the nation. Politics, law, economics, religion, all interact to create the culture that is our civilization. And many forces fight for control of that culture: Left wing and right wing, conservative and liberal, moderate and radical. But one thing is sure, someone’s ideas will prevail. And “The Culture Wars” series is intended to help present that war with a fair but truthful examination of the issues.